Mousetrap Starter kit


The Mousetrap Starter Kit for LoRa Technology provides everything needed to rapidly get your online mousetrap system based on LoRa.



The mousetraps communicates the status (tensed, jumped or jumped with catch), temperature and they give a notification when placed. Via an online portal you can access data. The Starter Kit lets you experience the benefits of the digital mouse system. Later, you could easily expand your system with more mousetraps.


Detects the status of the mouse trap: armed, unarmed or unarmed with catch.


Through the LoRa technology the communication runs via your private of public network.



Get online reports about rodent activities. So you can directly respond.

Efficient inspections

Efficient pest retrieval services

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 91 cm


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